Harati High School
Harati High School is one of the oldest high schools in Esfahan
معرفی موسس دبیرستان هراتی، مرحوم شیخ زاده هراتی

Harati High School is one of the oldest still-working high schools in Esfahan city. This high school was founded more than half a century ago by Mohammad Sheikhzadeh Harati Yazdi and is located on Kamal Esmaeel Street.

Harati High School is a Nemooneh and Mandegar high school. “Mandegar” schools are old educational establishments or units with a history of at least 50 years, and they are deemed suitable for educational activities in terms of their structural integrity.

Harati High School also holds a coveted “Nemooneh” license from the Ministry of Education, indicating its commitment to superior education quality. Governed by the government, Nemooneh high schools, like Harati, admit students through a competitive entrance exam. These institutions focus on nurturing students’ talents and abilities, aiming to empower them to reach their full potential.

دبیرستان نمونه دولتی و ماندگار هراتی (دوره دوم)